Capital Township
Springfield, Illinois

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Welcome to the Capital Township home page. Capital Township was established and named by the Sangamon County Board on March 6, 1878.

On February 17, 1892 the limits of Capital Township were made coextensive with the limits of the City of Springfield. However, due to various referendums since that time, Capital Township is no longer coextensive with the City of Springfield. Capital Township is unique among Townships in Illinois for several reasons. First, Capital Township's boundaries are wholly contained within the City of Springfield's corporate boundaries. Second, since Capital Township is wholly within the City of Springfield, all the roads in the Township are maintained by the Springfield Department of Public Works. Consequently, Capital Township does not have a road commissioner or levy for road maintenance nor does the Township have any shared road services with the City of Springfield. Finally, the Sangamon County Clerk and the Sangamon County Treasurer are ex officio township officers. The Clerk and the Treasurer function as the Township Clerk/Assessor and Township Supervisor respectively. This connection with Sangamon County allows the efficient sharing of multiple resources with Sangamon County

Capital Township provides two main functions to the residents of the Capital Township. Those functions are assessing property within the township, and administering general assistance to qualifying residents.






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