Capital Township
Springfield, Illinois
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Assessor -Don Gray

Welcome to the Capital Township Assessor home page. Our office maintains property record card information on every real estate parcel in our jurisdiction. This property record card information is used in a mass appraisal system to estimate the market value of both the land and/or any buildings/improvements that are on the land for each parcel in our township. Such information consists of land sizes, and any amenities that would contribute to a parcel's market value. Our property record cards also contain sketches and photos on all improved parcels (those with buildings/improvements)

The market value estimate that we derive for each parcel forms the basis for the property tax bill that it ultimately generated on all parcels in Capital Township. Most non-farm property is currently taxed on one-third of its estimated market value prior to the deduction of any available property exemptions. More information on homestead and other property exemptions is available at the Sangamon County Supervisor of Assessments Office website.

Our office also maintains a sales data base of all recorded sales in our township for market analysis and for various reporting tools.

All of the above-mentioned information is available to the general public either online or by visiting our office. There is an accompanying fee for most report-type printouts generated for public use. Please contact our office for more information on the types of reports that are available for purchase.