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Notice of Office Closing

Due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, Capital Township General Assistance office is closed to the general public.

The office will be minimally staffed and may be available by phone only during limited office hours. We are sorry for the inconvenience but in the best interest of our employees and clients we must take this precaution.

Contact us at: 217-525-1736 or


Capital Township provides the following assistance to resident of Capital Township who meet certain criteria.

  • Rent Assistance to residents who have received an eviction notice.
  • Utility Assistance to residents who have received a disconnect notice
  • Transitional Assistance




Capital Township General Assistance Office

Department of Public Health and Community Services

2833 South Grand Avenue East, Springfield, Illinois

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Closed on all County Holidays.

Office phone: 217-525-1736

Fax: 217- 525-0056


Applicants must apply by phone for assistance and all requirements must be met to determine assistance eligibility.

Applicants must be prepared to discuss the following during the phone intake:

  • Past assistance & Assistance need (Must have Social Security cards or proof of Social Security numbers for all adults)
  • Verify your address is in Capital Township
  • Verify your Eviction Notice (or) Disconnect Notice (or) Shelter Letter (Have that with you at intake)
  • Given an application to complete at home and a list of the documents needed to bring for appointment
  • Made an appointment to return with your documents & completed application

When you come for your appointment:

  • Copies will be made of your documents
  • The caseworker will go over your documents & application with you
  • They will conduct a short interview to find out more about your application & about your request for assistance
  • Proper paperwork will be signed to process your request for assistance
  • More documents could be needed after your Caseworker learns more about your situation

Once your Caseworker has all the correct documents and completes the interview you will be finished & able to leave.

No decisions will be made at the appointment about eligibility. Your caseworker has five business days to make a determination on your application after ALL documents are received. You will be notified by mail of your approval or denial. You may also call the Caseworker back to check on the status of your application. The caseworker can give you an idea of when to call them back. Utility pledges & payments are made directly to the Utilities Co. We will contact Landlords after we approve your application for Rent assistance. A voucher will be issued once you are approved.  Rent vouchers can be faxed, E-mailed, signed in person or taken by the client to the Landlord once it is ready. It is up to the Landlord what they prefer. You will not have to sign the voucher. You will sign an authorization to pay assistance form at the interview. Caseworker must have ALL documents before they can process the application.


The primary function of this office is to provide certain types of aid for the indigent residents of Capital Township who are legal residents of the United States.  The Capital Township Office of General Assistance, hereafter termed Capital Township, is governed by an elected Board of Trustees.  All policies, procedures, budgets, and grants are established and regulated by the Capital Township Board of Trustees.  Capital Township provides aid for those in need with three distinct categories of assistance.  These categories are:  Transitional Assistance,  Emergency Assistance, and the Workfare Program.

You must be a full-time resident of Capital Township to be a recipient of any of our assistance. Assistance received and/or addresses used outside of Capital Township will be cause for termination or denial of assistance.


Use Link below to view a printable brochure of programs offered by Capital Township:

Capital Township brochure

Transitional Assistance:

Transitional Assistance is available for childless individuals 18-62 years old who are considered "not employable" and full-time residents of Capital Township.  Individuals who are considered "not employable" can receive up to $350.00 per month in financial assistance. Applicants must exhaust all other sources of income before making application. Applicants that have children in their home or custody of a child under the age of 18 are considered a Public Aid case and don not qualify for Transitional Assistance. Clients who apply for the program must be under the care of a local physician in Capital Township or Springfield, IL. Must be eligible for a full month of assistance to apply. No partial months are issued. Clients incarcerated, confined to a hospital, nursing home or treatment facilities do not qualify for Transitional Assistance. Applicants pending for SSI/SSD are required to sign a form 2199, repayment of interim assistance. The criteria for being considered "not employable" are as follows:

* Disabled as determined by the Department of Human Services. 

Assistance available up to nine(9) months with a pending SSI or SSD claim.

* Unable to work due to a serious injury or surgery.

Need verification from a local physician stating the following: Date of injury or surgery; Why client is unable to work; Intended course of treatment; Expected length of incapacity. Doctor must write on statement client is "UNABLE TO WORK".

Maximum six (6) month limit with updated medical information after three (3) months. After receiving six (6) months of assistance, clients may be eligible for additional 3 months of assistance for a total of 9 months with proof of a pending SSI/SSD application & Doctors statement of incapacity.

* Unable to work due to a serious medical condition.

Need verification from a local physician stating the following:  Verification of on-going treatment for the medical condition for the past 60 days; Verification from a pharmacy listing dispensed medication related to the treatment; Statement explaining why client is unable to work due to this medical condition; Expected length of incapacity. Doctor must write on the statement client is "UNABLE TO WORK".

Maximum nine (9) months limit with updated medical information after three (3) months. After receiving six (6) months of assistance, client MUST have a pending SSI application to continue assistance up to 9 months. From the date of the first check the client has one year to collect the six or nine (which ever applies) months of assistance. Once the client reaches their maximum grants or the one year expires they may not re-apply for two (2) years from the date of last assistance once case is closed. A client that has received six months of assistance and their case has been closed, may not return for the additional three months of assistance if they applied for SSI after the date the case was closed.

Any intentional falsification whether written or oral, will result in a one (1) year sanction of ineligibility for any assistance.

Lifetime limit for Transitional Assistance is 27 grants. Once 27 grants have been issued the applicant is no longer eligible for Transitional Assistance at any time. Applicant may not reapply for Transitional at the end of the lifetime limit if they are not eligible for 2 month or more of grants. Partial grants do not count toward the Lifetime grant limit.

Emergency Assistance:

Emergency Assistance is available for full-time Capital Township residents determined eligible who have demonstrated a verifiable need for a certain category of emergency aid.  The categories for Emergency Assistance are as follows:

In the majority of cases, Emergency Assistance will be issued through referrals from other social service agencies that are not able to provide the necessary assistance.  Emergency Assistance is paid directly to the vendor only, and never to the recipient.  Emergency Assistance will be granted until such funds are exhausted. 

The Workfare Program:   

Capital Township has established a program to provide temporary assistance for single, childless, jobless residents who are willing and able to work while they are actively seeking permanent employment.  Possible applicants must be able to work with out any physical limitations & not applied for any type of disability assistance. Participating Workfare employers are offered part-time and temporary help at no direct cost to them.  This program provides eligible adults between the ages of eighteen (18) and sixty-two (62) the opportunity to earn the assistance they are receiving and gain valuable work experience. Only a certain number of slots are available for this program. If you remain eligible the maximum you can stay on the program is 9 months. Once your case is closed for reaching maximum grants you can not reapply for 2 years. If you are terminated you can not reapply for 4 years. To find out more about Workfare and how to apply contact our office at 217-525-1736.

Lifetime limit for Workfare is 27 grants. Once 27 grants have been issued the applicant is no longer eligible for Workfare at any time. Applicant may not reapply for Workfare at the end of the lifetime limit if they are not eligible for 2 month or more of grants. All Grants count toward the Lifetime limit.

Transitional & Workfare clients:

Once a client completes Workfare successfully there is a 2 year waiting period to apply for Workfare or Transitional. Clients that leave Workfare due to termination have the 4 year waiting period to apply for Workfare and 2 year for Transitional Assistance.  Transitional clients must also wait 2 full years after leaving the program to reapply for Workfare or Transitional. If a Workfare client while active on the program becomes unable to work and meet all the qualifications for Transitional Assistance they may be moved from Workfare to the Transitional Assistance program. The months they received assistance on Workfare will count toward the months eligible for Transitional. This must take place while the case is still active. Workfare clients that find employment while active on the Workfare program can wave the 2 years eligibility period. They must provide proof of employment to their Caseworker before their case is closed. If within the first 3 months of that employment they lose their job they can return to Workfare with proof of termination from the same employer they left Workfare for and complete the balance of eligible months. They must have at least 2 eligible months. The ineligibility period will revert to the original date of eligibility. A client may only do this one time.

Workfare employer information click here

Employment Transportation Assistance (NEW)

This category of assistance was created to assist Capital Township residents that are employed outside of the home with some of the cost of getting to and from their place of employment. Eligible applicants will receive a 20 ride bus pass to be use on SMTD city buses. To apply you must be a resident of Capital Township, be at least 18 years old, provide proof of employment (check stubs), provide delivered in their name post-marked mail from their Capital Township address in the past 30 days from the application date and meet the federal poverty guidelines at the 150% level for your household for the past 30 days. Lost, damaged or stolen bus passes will not be replaced. Persons who have just started employment but have not been paid can provide proof of employment thru their employer. Applicants can apply for one 20 ride bus pass every 30 days for a total of 4 bus passes in a 6 month period. After 6 months from the initial application date, clients would be able to re-apply and start over if eligible, once 30 days has passed from receiving the last bus pass.

Maximum Grant:                             One 20 ride bus pass in a 30 day period ($20.00)

Assistance Limitations:                 4 bus passes in 6 month period starting with initial application date.

To e-mail the General Assistance office please use:

Other Townships:

Capital Township has entered into a intergovernmental agreement with the Townships of Chatham, Cooper, Divernon, Loami, New Berlin & Williams to provide emergency assistance for their residents. Any resident of those townships that is in need of help with a utility disconnect notice or eviction notice can call our office at 217-525-1736 and we will assist you with the application process.


Addiction Resources

If you need assistance with Addiction you may want to visit this website for potential resources. Addiction Resources Capital Township does not endorse, receive referral revenue, or provide assistance for using these resources.

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